Anonymous asked:

i'm a taurus with a virgo moon so does my moon explain why i'm very self critical and why it's hard for me to open up and be outgoing and takes me a LONG time to warm up and really be my comfortable, real self or is the outgoing part a general thing?? (scorpio moon so idk if that helps paint a better picture or not). also, what sign(s) would help open me up the most (and if you could, the moon and rising signs that would help too? thank you!! xx :)


Being a Virgo moon can affect you in a way that you are hard on yourself, and beat yourself up over little mistakes. Virgo moons are perfectionists. They want everything to have order or it will drive them crazy. And if you want to open up more I suggest befriending a Pisces :)


So true. Virgo moon myself.

I on the other hand don’t suggest Pisces. I would suggest hanging out with other earth signs, as in the end, they understand you best. And Scorpio, if it’s an evolved one.

People get drunk.
They kiss the wrong person.
And pretend to be okay.
People will do anything
to distract their heart.
They will do anything to
distract it from
missing someone.

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